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Event/Building Use Policy
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  1. Any group/individual wishing to use a church facility must submit an event/building use request form to the First Baptist Church of Tucker Event Scheduler. Requests for use of church facilities may be made at any time within the six (6) month time period prior to the event, but preferably more than fourteen (14) days prior to the event. Any requests for dates more than six (6) months in advance should be advised that approval may not be immediate.
  2. All forms are available in the church office and on the church website. Completed forms may be submitted to the Event Scheduler in the church office, via fax to 770-938-1637 or via email to lalexander@fbctucker.org or pwoodson@fbctucker.org All requests must be submitted via event/building use request form.
  3. Use of the kitchen area MUST include the services of a First Baptist Church of Tucker kitchen representative to be on site during the event. Fees for this service will be quoted upon receipt of request.
  4. The group/individual using the facility is expected to perform any set up and clean up (i.e. chairs, tables, podiums, etc.) and return the area to its normal condition. Additional charges will be assessed for set up/clean up required by the church staff.
  5. Thermostats should be returned to the settings found upon arrival, and all lights should be turned off.
  6. Access to locking of the facility will be per instructions by the event scheduler. The Security Deposit may be forfeited if building is not accessed or locked according to instructions.
  7. All trash should be removed from the building after any event and placed in the dumpster. Liquids should not be emptied into the trash cans. New liners should be put in all trash containers.